Anonymous asked: How long into the deployment did you start to feel better? Where you didn't feel sad or empty all day and night? Everyone says it's anywhere from 2-4 weeks

It’s been 2 1/2 months and I feel the same. But I have diagnosed depression and severe anxiety as well. The last deployment was easier even though it was longer because we weren’t married and I was used to being extremely independent. This time it was just he and I 24/7 (when we both didnt work which wasn’t too much but enough to be extremely inseparable). We lived together and did everything together. My dog is my best friend and I work three jobs to stay busy.

darknessinthevalleyblog asked: What are your fav bands ? xx

Hiphop/rap Artists:
Travis Scott
Danny Brown
Vinny Chase
A$AP Mob
Action Bronson
Chief Keef
Kid Ink
Frank Ocean
Earl Sweatshirt
Mac Miller
Mellow hype
Schoolboy Q
Ab Soul

August Alsina
The Weeknd
R Kelly
Jhene Aiko
Kelly Rowland

The 1975
Black Rebel motorcycle club
✝✝✝ (crosses)
La Dispute
The Maine
Purity Ring

There’s too many…
In This Moment

I like alot of random shit too like weird instrumentals like Saltillo or Piano solos from Maxence Cyrin. Actually the song I walked down the aisle to at my wedding was “where is my mind” by Maxence Cyrin.

young--dreamer asked: Hi ! My fiancé left for boot camp the 28th and I was wondering if you knew how the hell To deal with the one person you love being gone,because it's so hard. So so hard :(

Boot camp must be more rough than a deployment because you do not have phone calls. I met my husband after he got stationed at Camp Pendleton so I did not have the boot camp experience. (However i have been away from him 14 months out of the 23 we have been together) Hand written letters may be the best way you can communicate, but they are also romantic and old school which is kind of exciting, in light of the situation. You can also save those letters for later on to look back at and realize how in love you were and how strong you were in getting through such a tough time. They may help you through tougher times such as a deployment! While he is away just STAY BUSY that is the best advice I can give. I work three jobs voluntarily right now to pass the time and also make extra money while he is away. I work out and (if you’re artistic) I do ALOT of art and photography. I hope this helps!

the5ftwonder asked: Since ur hubby is in Okinawa, do u live on base in Pendleton?

I have never and will never live on base:) We tend to stay away from the military life as much as possible…we have a little apartment/townhouse in Aliso Viejo, about 30 minutes from pendleton. I’ve lived in San Clemente my whole life-been around too many marines and there’s no way Jay would want to “come home” from work while technically still being there lol.


please? :)